A Guide to Network Bandwidth Problems

Technology is advancing at an ever-faster pace, and with every step forward, problems arise as older technology holds things back. With the advent of cloud computing and virtualization, networks are facing increasing strain and bandwidth issues are becoming a bigger problem. In this guide, users can learn how to detect and resolve bandwidth issues.

Bandwidth: What Is It?

Bandwidth can best be compared to the lanes on a road. It lets more simultaneous traffic through while maintaining a reasonable speed. In the same way a stalled car can slow a single lane, an odd network request can cause problems in isolated areas. While a low-bandwidth connection can adversely affect speeds, a higher-bandwidth connection can handle multiple users and requests without a decline in speed.

The Causes of Bandwidth Problems

Issues with bandwidth can typically be traced to a couple of activities with common characteristics: long duration and high quantities of data. The most common culprits are:

Streaming videos

Transferring large files between computers

Constant data streams

Internet file downloads

All of these can cause bandwidth issues, and should only be done when network traffic is light. Visit www.mrivertech.pro to find out how to handle these tasks without causing bottlenecks for other users.

Detecting Bandwidth Issues

A slow network often indicates bandwidth problems, but it’s not true in every case. In some instances, an IT department may simply add bandwidth when there’s a slowdown. While this helps in some cases, it’s not always a good solution. Adding bandwidth during a bottleneck increases costs, and it addresses the symptoms without solving the problem.

Determining if the Problem Will Happen Again

Once the root of the problem is found, it’s important to analyze the effects and the likelihood of future slowdowns. In many cases, bottlenecks occur because of irresponsible data uses that can be avoided. If the slowdown is due to an overload of the network’s wiring, it may be time to upgrade the wireless or wired LAN connections.

Adding Bandwidth

If network problems are found to be due to insufficient bandwidth, the company can offer comprehensive solutions to increase bandwidth and eliminate bottlenecks. Go to http://www.mrivertech.pro/services/my-network-is-slow/ for more details or call to discuss ways to increase network performance.


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